Wharfedale Brewery Trade Area

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Wharfedale Brewery Retail Trade Sales

Our cask ales (Wharfedale Blonde, Best Bitter and Black) and our Pilsner lager are all available at trade prices to pubs, clubs, hotels, cafes, restaurants and other retail outlets throughout Wharfedale and the surrounding local area.  Our bottled beers are also now available.

Please contact  us for  details and availability

We keep our beers at cellar temperature so whether you collect the barrels yourself or require delivery they should be ready to rack and tap within 24 hours.

We have fostered close relationships with a number of leading UK craft brewers and we are able to offer retail outlets casks from other breweries at similar prices to those charged for our own.

Please telephone Nic McNeice on 01943 609587 to check for avilability or click here to complete and enquiry form.

Our beers are now available to tied pubs via the SIBA Direct Delivery Scheme in the local area. 

Wharfedale Brewery Barrel Swaps​​​​​​

We are always interested in exchanging our beers with other breweries, either at cost, or using a pricing formula involving cost plus or minus the difference in duty.


If your brewery is interested in swapping barrels with the Wharfedale range, please telephone Nick McNeice on 01943 609587 to check for availability  or click here to get in touch via our enquiry form.  


We would be delighted to hear from you.

Beer & Cider Festivals/ Charity Events

Wharfedale Brewery beers are already featuring regularly and being very well received by beer festivals throughout Yorkshire and Lancashire.


We would be delighted to add your festival to our growing portfolio.


All our beers are provided to beer festivals and charitable events such as village fetes at our trade retail prices, with free local delivery. Call 01943 609587 or click here.