Wharfedale Brewery Beers

  • Wharfedale Blonde - 3.9% ABV
  • Wharfedale Best - 4.0% ABV
  • Wharfedale Black - 3.7% ABV
  • Selection Of Other Cask Ales​​​​​​​
  • 36 Pint & 72 Pint Barrel
  • Cask Conditioned or Brigh
  • Hand Pump & Glass Hir

Having A House Party? BBQ? Birthday Party Or Wedding?

Why not get a cask of your favourite Wharfedale beer to liven up your party or event?  

We supply either 72 pint firkins or 36 pint poly-pins.  If you live locally, we can deliver to your home, set everything up for you and come back to collect your empty barrels.

We can supply Wharfedale Brewery branded glasses and you can hire one of our hand pumps so you can pull that perfect pint, just like in the pub.

Cask Conditioned Beer

The traditional method of serving real ale, with  the yeast still living in the cask. Yeast acts as a natural preservative and the beer has a shelf life of up to 6 weeks if kept at the correct temperature.  Once "tapped", your beer should be consumed within 5 days. 

For the beer to pour clearly, the yeast needs to settle once "tapped" for around 24 hours and the beer should be left in a cool place, undisturbed, before drinking.

Bright Beer

With "bright beer", the beer is transferred from one cask to another whilst leaving the yeast behind. 

Due to no yeast being present there is no need for the beer to settle, meaning it is ideal for transporting and drinking straight away. 

Bright beer needs to be kept cool and consumed within 2 to 3 days of opening.

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Rent A Cask Price List.  All Prices Include VAT

Beer Type                                 4.5 G (36 Pints)   9.0 G (72 Pints)

= Wharfedale Blonde                        £54.00                   £108.00

= Wharfedale Best Bitter                 £54.00                   £108.00

= Wharfedale Black                            £54.00                   £108.00

Hand pump and glass hire prices upon application. 
Please note a refundable £50 deposit is taken on all orders