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Est. 2012

Ilkley, Yorkshire

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Wharfedale Blonde - 3.9% ABV

beers brewed by friends for friends

Wharfedale Best - 4.0% ABV

Wharfedale Black - 3.7% ABV

Wharfedale Black - 3.7% ABV

Wharfedale Pilsner - 4.0% ABV

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Wharfedale Brewery Signature Beers - The Resurrection Range

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Wharfedale Blonde: 3.9% ABV

Wharfedale Best: 4.0% ABV

Wharfedale Black: 3.7% ABV

A straw coloured blonde session ale.

English malts combine with a blend of New Zealand and American hops to create lingering citrus/grapefruit flavours and a fresh satisfying bitter finish.

A traditional chestnut coloured Yorkshire Bitter made with a blend of malts infused with English hops.

Subtle malt flavours give way to a floral spicey hoppiness to create a mild, bitter finish.

A rich dark mild ale. A blend of eight malted grains combine to create a smooth well balanced beer.

Subtle hints of chocolate, coffee and liquorice come together to create a characterful lasting flavour.

Wharfedale Brewery - Bottled Beers

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Wharfedale Blonde is now available in 500ml bottles priced at £24.00 for a box of 12 if picked up from the brewery or £34.99 by mail order. Wharfedale Best and Black bottles will be available soon

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Over 18s only.

Wharfedale Pilsner: 4.0% ABV

A pale English pilsner style lager flavoured with Czech Saaz hops. Sharp aroma and taste develop into a back of the tongue orangey sweetness. Very more-ish.

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Ever fancied seeing your own beer on the bar in a pub? Now you can! Spend a day learning the arts and techniques of brewing beer from start to finish.

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Why not book a tour of Wharfedale Brewery? Learn the process, sample our beers straight from the source and pull your own pint at the bar.