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Wharfedale Brewery Rugby Shirts: @ £25.00

All Our Shop Prices Include VAT & UK Delivery.

We have a limited number of top quality Ladies' & Gentlemen's, Wharfedale Brewery branded rugby shirts available in various sizes in navy blue and bottle green. 
Buy now for just £25.00 inc P&P or £22.50 direct from the Flying Duck.

Gents: Navy Blue
Gents: Bottle Green
Ladies: Navy Blue

Wharfedale Brewery Pint Glasses: 12 @ £29.99

Wharfedale Brewery branded traditional Yorkshire tulip 20oz pint glasses are now available.  £3.99 inc P&P or....

Buy 6 @ £19.99 inc P&P
Buy 12 @ £29.99 inc P&P

Wharfedale Pint Glasses

Wharfedale 500ml Bottled Beers: 12 @ £34.99

Wharfedale Blonde is now available in 500ml bottles. Best and Black will follow soon.  Over 18s Only.

Pre-order yours now. 
Buy 12 @ £34.99 inc P&P

Wharfedale Blonde x 12

Bar Runners, Beer Mats & Pump Clips

6 x Blonde 6 x Best & 6 x Black beer mats @ £5.00. Pump clips set (3x1) @ £6.00.  Bar runners @ £8.75. All inc P&P

Runners, Mats, Clips

Cask Rental & Brewery Tour

If you would like to rent a barrel of beer or book a brewery tour click the links below.